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Today you finish the ortho treatment!

Now begins a new era and perhaps the most important. After months working to position your teeth properly, it is time for you to enjoy a nice smile; yet now begins the most critical phase: KEEPING THE RESULTS and that depends largely on you.
So we’ve designed a RETENTION system, which is different for each patient depending on their initial problem.

The anterior teeth are held in place by a wire made especially for your teeth. The wire is glued behind your teeth with special glue called composite. You must be especially careful not to bite hard things, and if you notice that it comes off or loose, please call the clinic as soon as possible. It is very important to properly clean that area, properly brush that area and you can complement the hygiene by using various systems such as interproximal brushes, floss, super floss or irrigators and others.

In addition to the lingual bars, we have also given you a retainer or splint, made transparent, in the final position of your teeth.

You must use it according to the instructions you have received at the clinic; as your teeth settle into their new position we will reduce the hours of use. Always keep it clean, you can do so with a toothbrush and specific cleaners on the market.

Treat them gently, when not wearing them, they should be in the box that we have provided, losing the retainer is easier than you think, and are complicated to replace.

If you break it, lose it, or do not fully adjust to it (which can happen if you do not use it for the amount of time indicated to you), please call the clinic.

Sometimes, after finishing orthodontic treatment some restoration or replacing missing pieces may be necessary, if the splint does not adjust it may be necessary to make a new one, we’ll guide you in each step, as each case is different.