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Self-Ligating Braces is the system of fixed orthodontic more transparent and comfortable market are made of a highly resistant plastic but at the same time flexible which causes a decrease in treatment time, less discomfort than metal or ceramic and a single transparency.

Instructions for cementing after the fixed orthodontic appliance:

Overall, the treatment is completely painless. During the first few days, using the brackets can cause some discomfort and annoyance, but once you get used to them, they disappear. However if they persist your orthodontist should be consulted. Sometimes the brackets may produce erosions, in which case you would put the wax over the bracket which produces the wound.

It may happen that a bracket may come off, this is unimportant, except for the molars (last pieces) which is necessary. In this case call to check if you need an appointment.

Recommendations on food:

– The first day soft diet is recommended, since cement takes 24 hours to fully harden.
– It is not advisable to eat foods with lots of sugar (chocolate, Coca-Cola, pastries, cookies, etc.) because food debris can lead to tooth decay over the brackets.
– You should not eat hard foods (sunflower seeds, popcorn, almonds, etc.) and any other food that may produce the braces to break. Check what you usually consume.
– Biting nails, pens, etc. break the braces and prolong the treatment excessively.